They are an innovative and secure system of consultation and distribution of content through pre-programmed, printed cards.
You can program the cards with music, movies, games, software, e- books, audio books, secure archives and both printable and executable files.
You do not need a reader to access the content of the cards. You can use the cards manually following the instructions printed on it.
Yes, you need to have internet connection through smart-phones, tablets or desktop computers .
Without a doubt. All available files on your Key Kard are safe and have been tested before issuing any card for sale.
Yes, all media content contained on your Key Kard has been authorized for distribution by the intellectual property owner.
Although we do not expect that CDs / DVDs will disappear soon, this is a new means of distribution that is less expensive, takes up less space and is much more compatible with the environment.
There are other promotional cards to access websites where you can download content. The difference is that they have a monetary value printed on the card whereas Key Kards can access totally free content If your company so desires. I can use my Key Kard more than once? You can use your card to access information content as many times as you like. The downloadable content can be limited to the desire of each individual company using the Key Kard system.
Puedes utilizar tu tarjeta para acceder a los contenidos de consulta tantas veces como gustes. En cambio, los contenidos descargables, sólo se podrán descargar las veces especificadas en la Key Kard de cada marca comercial que emplee nuestro sistema.
By no means. When registering your card we ask for your name and email in case any technical difficulties arise during the consultation process or download. If you ever want to know exactly what information about you we hold, write to us at