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Welcome to Key Kards

Many companies devote more resources to attract new customers than to retain existing ones .Key Kards is the perfect tool for this purpose. Brands do not know who buys their products. They know their target market of consumers but have no fluid communication with them . All brands want to know the maximum possible about their customers and to remain in contact with them.

How much are you willing to pay to have direct communication with the people who buy your products? Knowing your own customers intimately, you can direct personalized offers and improve your products or develop new ones based on their responses to short forms and questionnaires using exclusive promotions that only they can receive for having activated their Key Kard.

Key Kards is compatible with all devices and can be customized with your company's image to reinforce your brand image .

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What are Key Kards?

  • Benefits for the customer: On activation you have access to exclusive content, promotions, offers, etc. . That otherwise would not be available to the customer.
  • Benefits to the company: Using Key Kards gives you direct communication with your customers and provides you the opportunity to offer interactive loyalty whilst understanding your customer needs.

Main advantages of Key Kards:

  • They replace flyers and catalogs wich helps to preserve the environment .
  • Closer and smoother relationship with your final customers.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Provides invaluable demographic data.

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